Vantage Engineering has decades of experience in many facets of civil engineering and land surveying. We have outlined below some of our areas of expertise.

Civil Engineering

Vantage Engineering utilizes a broad base of engineering skills through completion of a variety of design projects for public and private clients. Our areas of expertise include:

Commercial and Industrial Site Development

The Vantage team has been responsible for the successful development of a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. As a multi-disciplined firm, Vantage can handle your civil engineering and surveying needs from conception to completion. We work with developers to assist in the initial phases of site selection and budgeting. We then provide surveying services, including ALTA / NSPS Title surveys, topographic, and FEMA flood surveys to acquire data for use in our design. We communicate with our clients daily to ensure that their vision is present in our finished designs. We develop civil construction plans and work to procure permits and approvals from the local to federal levels. Once your project is under construction, you can rely on us for project management, guidance, and construction staking.

Our team has expertise in the following:

  • Initial site evaluation, conceptual planning, and budgeting

  • Local Planning and Zoning approvals, including Zoning Map Amendments, Development Plans, and Board of Adjustments requests

  • State Highway Encroachment Permitting

  • State Division of Water permitting, including public water and sanitary sewer permits, floodplain fill permits, and construction stormwater discharge permits

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) requests

  • Civil Construction Plan documents, including balanced grading plans, site plans, utility plans, and Stormwater Polution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)

  • Engineer's estimates for evaluation of contractor bids

  • Construction staking

  • Site inspection and monitoring

Residential Land Development

Vantage has extensive experience in designing residential subdivisions of all types. Many of our areas of service mirror those described in the commercial development section above, but Vantage also has specialized skills that have made us the trusted partners of many developers. We tailor our designs to the priorities of each developer, whether that means maximizing buildable lots or prioritizing sightlines and access to recreational amenities. We also plan for the long term, as residential subdivisions may take years to progress from the conceptual phase to the sale of the last lots. Many of our residential development clients have partnered with us since the founding of our company, and you can be confident that we will be ready to assist you for many years to come.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management and mitigation is a component of all types of development and is crucial to both urban planning and preservation of rural streams. Vantage assists clients in meeting local, state and federal requirements for the control and treatment of stormwater runoff. This includes the design of all aspects of stormwater systems, including conveyance systems, detention ponds and underground stormwater control systems. Vantage also develops plans for Best Management Practices (BMPs) and SWPPPs to mitigate potential erosion caused by runoff both during and after construction.

Public Infrastructure

Vantage Engineering has partnered with local governments and private clients on many public infrastructure projects. Our areas of expertise include the conceptualization, modeling, design, and permitting of the following:

  • Water Distribution Systems

  • Sanitary Sewer systems, including piping, holding ponds, and pump stations

  • City and county roads

  • Streetscapes

Land Surveying

Vantage Engineering offers a wide range of land surveying services. With our commitment to professionalism and client service, we are able to help clients including homeowners, developers, governments, and Fortune 500 companies. Find out how our surveying team can assist you on your next project.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys represent the most common type of survey request by our clients. For a typical boundary survey, Vantage will begin work by researching property records to find applicable deeds and recorded plats. Using these records, Vantage will then locate any existing boundary monuments and site features including buildings, fences, and roads. After reviewing this data, Vantage will monument the property corners permanently and produce a plat map of the survey that is suitable for recording at the local county clerk's office.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is a complex, detailed survey product that complies with standards and requirements established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). Beyond the level of detail of a traditional boundary survey, ALTA/NSPS Surveys are used by clients and insurers in their due diligence process to identify property boundaries, site features (optionally including topography), encroachments, and the applicability of possible title exceptions on the subject property. Using an ALTA/NSPS Survey, clients can make sound decisions about their potential property purchase. Insurers can also use the survey to accurately assess the risk of potential title defects. Vantage has extensive experience in this area, producing ALTA/NSPS Surveys for tracts ranging up to 750 acres in size. Vantage prides itself on the attention to detail and accuracy that is necessary to produce this survey product.

Subdivision Surveys

Vantage conducts subdivision surveys for clients who need to divide land. Whether partitioning a farm to create smaller tracts, creating building lots for a residential development, or creating commercial centers, Vantage can meet your needs. Vantage will survey the boundaries, monument all lots, create a recordable subdivision plat, and seek approval with the planning and zoning board.

Topographic Surveys

In a topographic survey, Vantage records three dimensional data for the terrain, buildings, utilities, roadways, and other features relevant to a site. This data is provided to our engineers for use in design projects. Our surveyors use both RTK GPS and Total Station technology to rapidly obtain topographic point data. Topographic surveys are also useful to developers who wish to have a record of the as-built condition of their property for use in future phases of development.

Floodplain Surveys

FEMA is constantly updating their flood risk maps to define areas within the 100-year floodplain. This affects many homeowners and businesses, requiring them to obtain flood risk insurance. If you have a property that is identified as being in a floodplain, Vantage can obtain accurate elevations with RTK GPS to evaluate any structures. Vantage can then produce a flood elevation certificate, which is useful to insurers in setting flood insurance rates. If Vantage finds that your structure is above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) as defined by FEMA, we can submit a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) request to remove the structure from the floodplain.

Construction Staking

Vantage provides construction staking services on a wide variety of projects. Vantage can assist contractors by providing staking with grading and location information for all elements of construction projects including roads, utilities, buildings, and site pads. This ensures that projects are completed accurately and efficiently. We can also create three dimensional modeling data for machine control of GPS-enabled construction equipment.